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At Google GTUG meeting watching about Google TV.

RT @OneSpot_Law: Rep. Jared Polis to Eric Holder: Stand By Your Word on Medical Marijuana: Colorado Rep. Jared Polis wrote a let.. http: …


UC studies find promise in medical marijuana - via @sharethis

Hanging out at the NORML conference at the Grand Hyatt at Union Square. Some great time to LEGALIUZE POT!

Anu Nuevo - Photo:

#codeandbuild - Data binding guess - sdk, api, and token?

#codeandbuild - transfer and debit are it

Tweeting @fbmeetup and @fbfundmeetup . Listening to Clara Shih talk about her book and enterprise software.

Ross is presenting our teams device - Safetalk Spime - #spimews - #singularityu to detect phone and em exposure levels.

RT-davidorban - Live from NASA #singularityu watch:

GREAT finally an office out from house!- RT @dweekly HackerDojo lease signed!!!!! Just said hello to new neighbors. History starts here.